How To Prioritise The GAMSAT Sections

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Once you have identified your weakness you can then prioritise, you want to make your weakest section the priority. The table below is a rough breakdown of how I prioritised the GAMSAT sections and the amount of practice time I dedicated to each section.

The Table below breaks down the amount of practice time I allocated to each section. Notice how I spent twice as much time improving my written communication (Section II) than my reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences (Section III).

It doesn’t make sense spending the same amount of time preparing for both sections as I was a lot stronger in Section III.  I worked so hard on my essay writing skills, took the time to read a great deal of material and practice summarising my opinions on what I read.

Section Order of Priority Hours of Practice
Section II 1st (weakest) 30 hours
Section I 2nd 25 hours
Section III 3rd (Strongest) 15 hours

Most candidates do not prioritise and fall into the trap of spending too much time on sections of the exam they find comfortable instead of improving their skill. Determining the order of dealing with the GAMSAT section is important because it defines the amount of practice time you will allocate to each section. You will have to spend most of the time focusing on your weakest section. 

For more information on the GAMSAT sections, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the exam here.


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