The Best GAMSAT Preparation Materials For March 2017

gamsat preparation materials

There are a lot of companies offering preparation material for the GAMSAT, with most being relatively pricey, are they actually worth it ? Here are the best GAMSAT preparation materials for 2017 exam.

The Best GAMSAT Preparation Materials

The GAMSAT Information Booklet 

All the important information about the GAMSAT 2017 exam can be found in the GAMSAT information booklet. The booklet  contains helpful information on the structure of the exam, creating an online account, registration, test centres and payments. You can download your free copy here.

The Official Online GAMSAT Practice e-book

The registration fee includes a copy of an online practice questions ebook. This ebook contains practice questions for each section in the GAMSAT. I recommend attempting these question timed and seeing where your natural capabilities lie. You can register for the GAMSAT on the ACER website.

Most Recommended GAMSAT Book – The Gold Standard GAMSAT 

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook  is the most comprehensive GAMSAT book available. It covers every section of the GAMSAT at length and teaches all the basic fundamentals you will need to prepare for the GAMSAT. You can find my full review here. For prices and more customer reviews check out Amazon.

Subject-Specific Books & Critical Thinking Books

Check out my recommended books to prepare for the GAMST.  Here are the books I used to prepare for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and improve my critical thinking section – here

For more information on GAMSAT March registration check out the Frequently Aske Question (FAQ) here. For more tips and advice on the GAMSAT follow THE GAMSAT BLOG on twitter or facebook, and subscribe  for exclusive content.


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